Sunday, 9 July 2017

2017 has finally come so we're on the road again!

It's been four long years since we came home from our last adventure during the European summer of 2013.

Emily had a brief sojourn in Hong Kong helping to organise and run a conference for lawyers in the Asia-Pacific region. I've been to Las Vegas and Orlando for work conferences but Kerry hasn't had the chance to leave our shores.

In  mid-August Emily is heading off to Paris to complete her post-graduate Law degree at the prestigious Sciences Po university. She'll be there until December 21 and then she'll tour around Europe and perhaps parts of the USA. At this stage she's planning to spend Christmas in New York with her old Brunswick house-mates Claire Sonnet and James Bruest or in London with some friends from St. Mary's College. Either way, she'll be back home for my birthday in February.

On September 1st Kerry and I will be boarding an Emirates flight bound for Dubai and Dusseldorf and our next European Adventure will be underway!! We'll get a connecting flight to Berlin - our first stop on our seven week journey.

We'll be visiting Berlin, Prague, Frankfurt, the mid-Rhine and Mosel, the Black Forest region in southern Germany, through Switzerland to the French Alps, across central France to the Perigord and the Dordogne, a quick detour to Britanny and then up to Paris where we'll catch-up with Emily (which will be fabulous). Then it's a fast train to Florence and Rome and finally back home.

Stay tuned for a day by day description of all the highlights of the trip!!